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DIEGO BRUNO: 1035 / 1039 - 2017


Alicia wrote:

28 April 2016, 0:41

This morning I went to 1039 Fructuoso Rivera, in Obstervatorio neighbourhood, the house in the photograph. An elderly lady was sweeping the pavement. We chatted. She had lived there with her husband for many years but said that they weren't the owners. However, they do have 'papers'. I subtly tried to get her permission to go inside and she subtly tried to send me to the courthouse.

She described it as rundown when she moved in: the walls were full of bullet holes, there was no wiring or plumbing and the doors were missing.

The lady was reluctant to let me in.

She said that when she and her husband first got to the house it was a wreck: after the military intervention, soldiers stayed on to dismantle everything. The property stretches back 40 metres.

I'll continue making contacts tomorrow and report back.

I don't know what strategy to use to get into the house.


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