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Opening hours:
Thu– Fri: 2 – 6 pm
Sat – Sun: 12 – 4 pm

Ville Kallio - Venmo Combat

Welcome to the opening reception on Friday 13 September 2019 from 18 to 21. The exhibition is on view 14 September – 5 October 2019.

I'm an agent of pure chaos. I have won the lottery thousands of times. Global commerce bends to my will. Nobody wants to talk to me. I put so much effort in to getting to know people but somehow it always fails. There's just no space for me in any group dynamics., why even bother honestly. I collect nuclear devices for sport. My basement is a black site. Perfect place for misery. Pain planet. Angelic luck keeps me afloat. Always one step ahead. Even death doesn't bother with me. I'm such a bore. Everyone hates me. Always bragging about my skills and opportunities. No wonder everyone finds me so repulsive. Life is fundamentally malevolent. That's why I'm filled with such youthful energy.