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Mikko Rikala & Juuso Noronkoski

It's spring, and clear sky, and afternoon

29.3. - 27.4.2014

It's spring , and clear sky , and afternoon is a collaborative exhibition by Juuso Noronkoski and Mikko Rikala. The exhibition consist of installations, photographs, and video. Juuso Noronkoski and Mikko Rikala also work together in the Maanantai-collective.

The spontaneous response to the emergence of the unknown in the illogic sense of the temporal and in the shade of the everyday order and from the norm are visible in the artistic practice of Noronkoski and Rikala. The works are reminiscent of essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson's notion of intuition as the ultimate wisdom in relation to learned knowledge ( intuition / tuition ) .

In the exhibition, Noronkoski and Rikala observe the seemingly mundane events ; stone skipping, postcards and superstitious traditions. The works enables the mundane and the miraculous to encounter in a way that brings forth potential and exceptional ways to deal with the environment, objects and time. The world that is captured in the photographs does not stand on solid ground and does not strive for certainty, rather, it begs to question and test the boundaries of conventions.

For Noronkoski and Rikala, artistic practice is the means for registering the potential deviations that emerge through the scientific world-view. Suddenly, in the middle of everything, one awakes that it is spring, clear sky, and afternoon ; knowledge sways.