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Aino Lintunen: Shimmy
5. - 27.9.2020

Dear Luis,
Nice to hear from you.
I attached the images again.
One of the paintings is called "Cherry-coloured funk", named after a song by the Scottish band Cocteau Twins. Their lyrics are completely strange. When you hear the song it's even difficult to recognise the language. I like the atmospheric nature of the song, it comes close to painting. Colours are important, they define the atmosphere. In this painting I wanted to hide the fresh, bright blue under the artificial-looking purple, the cherry colour. The browns are soft, I tried to make them look like as if they were moving very slowly.
Very best wishes,
Dear Luis,
How are you? Is the new book coming out soon?
I'm happy you see the "silent fury" (as you so well described it). My paintings tend to be more silent than loud and noisy. Sounds create atmosphere the same way colours do. Sometimes music works as a guide to my working, showing possibilities.
I'm also sending you picture of a painting from last year, my attempt to make something loud. Maybe it's actually more sizzling than loud. It's small in size but quite difficult to look at.
talk to you soon!
Dear Luis,
Apologies for the delay.
The first painting viewer would encounter would be a small one, possibly the one titled "Initial" - first letters, beginning of a sentence. It will be installed in the space with metal wire, hanging without wall support.
The next painting could be "Shim".
That painting is in relation to the next one called "Shimmy", a large painting that I’m considering to install right next to the wall, as if it was sliding from it.
The name "Shimmy" refers to restless movement, or shaking movement when dancing. I also like the sounds of the words "shim" and “shimmy".
Then there is this one that doesn't have a name yet, now it’s just "Untitled".
That painting is a stranger even to me, somehow captivating and demanding. I made a small version of it - as an attempt to figure out what the original painting is.
Thank you once again, many hugs!