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Energy Bodies

1.4. - 7.5.2023

Joana Escoval
Niina Tervo
Alvaro Ugarte
Rosario Zorraquin

Energy Bodies is a month-long exhibition exploring the undulating shapes of our bodies when viewed in light of their vast and complex energetic pathways. Drawing on understandings of energy within various practices, from holistic healing and neurology to the study of natural elements and bodily matter, the exhibition leads with a seemingly simple question: What happens to an emotion once it leaves the body?

How might it linger, stagnate, or come to transfer and transform the bodies and environments around us? What makes an emotion ready for expression in the first place? How does the energy that we inherit, whether during a momentary encounter or as passed down across generations, come to influence our mental and physical wellbeing over time?

Featuring works by artists Joana Escoval (PT), Niina Tervo (FI), Alvaro Ugarte (MX) and Rosario Zorraquin (AR), the artworks on view contemplate the imperceptible entanglements that connect us through an expanded notion of the body. Comprising a series of both physical and ephemeral contributions, each artist attunes to energy as an increasingly vital channel of communication, and lens through which to encounter the world.

The exhibition is organised by SIC gallery's Niina Tervo, together with Rosa de Graaf (UK/NL), a curator and writer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.