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26.9. - 5.10. 2014

Jenna Sutela et al. 2014
New Degrees of Freedom, Act 3: Water

Emily Jones 2014
We Are Water


“Character: a universal substance, a transparent fluid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, the sea, rain, saliva, etc.”

The show revolves around the themes of #water and identity fluidity, bringing together New Degrees of Freedom, Act 3: Water, an audio play and installation by the Helsinki based writer and artist Jenna Sutela with graphic designer Johanna Lundberg and collaborators and We Are Water, an altar polyptych by the British artist Emily Jones.

The opening event on Thursday the 25th of September features the launch of a gesture waves us on, answering our own wave, a publication by The Berlin based V4ULT collective, including a performance/reading at 7pm. Music by DJ Ubuntu Diver.

New Degrees of Freedom: Water is the third act in an ongoing living media project. An audio play in an oceanic lounge setting evokes the experience of being water, while depicting humans as water’s avatars. Narrated by Julia Burlingham and Daniel Fisher and arranged by Amnesia Scanner, the story is an ode to wetware next to the often dry, silicon-based transhumanist discussion.www.newdegreesoffreedom.com

We Are Water
#suspensions #homni #celestial_ocean

a gesture waves us on, answering our own wave is a publication by V4ULT (Nero, 2014). It explores the topic of interfaces in relation to spatial dimensions and includes new texts by Harry Burke, Benjamin Bratton, Lucy Chinen, Jesse Darling, Martti Kalliala, Jenna Sutela, Rasmus Svensson and Elvia Wilk.

The exhibition is open between 26.9. - 5.10. 2014.
Jenna Sutela's (1983, Finland) written, directed, installed and performed projects seek to identify and react to precarious social and material moments – most recently, the relationship between the body and its technologically mediated environment. Including a digital/live publishing aspect, New Degrees of Freedom is a collaborative production between Sutela and graphic designer Johanna Lundberg (1982, Finland). Act 3: Water was first presented as part of The Posthuman Era Became A Girl event at South London Gallery on July 26, 2014.

Emily Jones (1987, UK) Deep Ecologist. Recent exhibitions include Prayer for the Sonoran Desert at Life Gallery London and The Hudson River at Lima Zulu London.

V4ULT is a curatorial platform initiated by Anna Mikkola and Hanna Nilsson in June 2013. The project explores spatial boundaries by inhabiting different types of built constructions and structures. Moving beyond physical spatial limits and exploring fenced-in space as a node in a network, the exhibitions extend from an occupied space to the V4ULT website www.v4ult.cc – another space where a set of boundaries arise.
"Hahmo: universaali aine, kirkas neste, typen ja hapen muodostama yhdistelmä, meri, sade, sylki jne."

Näyttely käsittelee #vettä ja nestemäistä identiteettiä. Se tuo yhteen helsinkiläisen kirjoittaja-taiteilija Jenna Sutelan yhdessä graafikko Johanna Lundbergin ja työryhmän kanssa toteuttaman kuunnelman ja installaation New Degrees of Freedom, Act 3: Water sekä brittitaiteilija Emily Jonesin We Are Water -alttaripolyptyykin.

Avajaiset 25.9. 2014 sisältävät berliiniläisen V4ULT-kollektiivin a gesture waves us on, answering our own wave -antologian julkistuksen. Luenta/performanssi alkaa kello 19. Illan musiikista vastaa DJ Ubuntu Diver.

Näyttely on avoinna 26.9. - 5.10. 2014.


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